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Standards Generated Body for Geography

The Standards Generated Body (SGB) for Geography has finally met. After some years of negotiations with the South Africa Qualifications Authority, the SGB for Geography was gazetted (18 December) and given financial support. Members of the committee met in Cape Town on the 27th and 28th January to design the direction for the SGB and to begin the task of generating unit standards.

The SGB members have agreed to focus attention on unit standards rather than whole qualifications. It was felt that unit standards are more likely to be used in training and in industry-based programmes in which geography could make a substantial contribution to understanding issues of trade, hazards, environmental change, sustainability, development and globalisation. The vision is to see a practical applied geography been spoken about and used in the work place. We expect the first set of ten unit standards to be available for comment by June 2005.

The SGB committee will use the Society’s web pages to update you on news and developments, and welcomes your comments and suggestions.

For more information, contact the chairperson of the SGB, Kevin Winter (

Members of the SGB who attended the inaugural meeting in Cape Town (27th to 28th January 2005) from left to right:

Back row: Kevin Winter, David Gear, Mosebetsi Mofokeng, Gustav Visser, Paul Goldschagg
Middle row: Patience Sekete, Peter Ndima, Sinugugu Zukulu, Madzinge Nembudani , Lorraine Innes