Biennial Conference

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2022 Biennial Conference

The 2022 SSAG biennial and student conference will be hosted at the University of Pretoria, Department of Geography, Geoinformatics and Meteorology:

  • Main Conference from 12th-14th September (hybrid mode);
  • Student Conference from the 15th-16th September (online mode).

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2021 Biennial Conference

The 2021 biennial conference was hosted by Rhodes University from 6-8 September 2021 and was a collaboration between the SSAG (Society of South African Geographers) and SAAG (Southern African Association of Geomorphologists).

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  • Click here for conference proceedings.

2018 Biennial Conference

The 2018 biennial conference was hosted by the UFS from 1-7 October 2018.

  • Click here to download the conference proceedings.
  • Click here for the SSAG18 conference report.


2016 Biennial Conference

The 2016 biennial conference was hosted by Stellenbosch University from 25 – 18 September 2016.

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